Board Minutes

Sponsorship Training

Prayer Vigil Coordinator Instructions

How to Pray the Prayer Vigil

4th Day Talk Guidelines

Heartland of Texas Walk Schedule


Walk to Emmaus New Pilgrim Application for Men’s Walk #2017; If you want to attend Men’s Walk #2017 then submit this form.

Walk to Emmaus New Pilgrim Application; If you need a blank form then use this form.

Team Service Form; If you want to volunteer to work a walk then submit this form.

Medical & Liability Release form for Eagle’s Wings Retreat Center; If you want to volunteer to work a walk then submit this form along with your Team Service form.

Clergy Update form

Scholarship Application Form:  Fill out this form if an Emmaus sponsor or new pilgrim needs financial assistance to attend a walk.

Volunteers Needed

Please CLICK HERE to see if we need help.

SOURCE OF DOCUMENTS: Rio Texas Conference United Methodist Church

If you do not see the document you are looking for, then all of the documents and forms can be found at the conference website.

Wall Agape

Living Waters Fourth Day Group – Wall Agape – to be updated soon for Heartland of Texas Emmaus Community