If you have questions about sending Agape to our walk, please CLICK HERE to send email to the Agape Coordinator.

This is the current list of Agape items for Men’s Walk #2018m which will start on March 22, 2018: Agape List 2018m 2018/01/21

We will continue to accept pillow Agape.  Please contact the Agape Coordinator at the email address above to donate.

Living Waters Fourth Day Group – Wall Agape – to be updated soon to Heartland of Texas Emmaus Community!

Is there any special type of agape I should make?

You can make agape for the beds or for the conference/dining room tables or food agape. Pilgrims (and team) LOVE to receive homemade food, like warm cookies, rice crispy treats, etc… Other non-food types of agape can be anything that pertains to God’s love, the healing grace He offers us, how to be His servants, etc. There is no limit to the type or amount of gifts you can make.

How do I label the agape gifts?

When you make your gifts, you may want to attach a label with a particular scripture or simple phrase associated with your gift. You may also want to add your Reunion Group name or church name. These gifts are to actually represent God’s love and therefore we should remain as anonymous servants.

How do I package the agape?

When bundling your agape to deliver to the Walk, it is quite helpful to the Team Assistants if you label the agape for a particular day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and location (Bed or Table agape), as well as the number of pieces included. Sometimes people even make agape for a particular talk.

    • Pilgrims Only
      Labeled ~ Day; Pilgrims Only; Table Name
      37 (The News section will have a post listing the exact number)
    • Pilgrims & Team
      Labeled ~ Day; Room; Table Name
      72 pieces
    • Talk agape
      Labeled ~ Day; Talk; Table Name
      72 pieces

Who do I give my agape gifts to when I get to the Walk site?

The Servant Team (or anyone else you know to be serving on the team) will gladly accept your agape gifts and deliver them to the appropriate location. Please make sure to specify (particularly on Thursday) if the food gifts are for Sendoff or for the weekend.

We reserve the right to use the Agape gifts where they are most needed.

Thank you and God bless you.

De Colores!