A distant hello to everyone out there in Emmaus land.  As you know the world continues to be in lock down at this time.  There is not much to pass along other than some housekeeping notes.


The men’s walk 2020 M has been pushed back to June 25th – 28th.  I have not received any applications in quite a while.  I have had two inquires about applications that were mailed in weeks ago but i have not received at this point.  I sent out letters to the sponsors and pilgrims a few weeks ago updating them about the date move.  I would love to get more applications and fill this and every walk up.  You can scan and email them to me as well.


We are taking team applications for the women’s walk in September as well, both conference room and background teams.  Scan and email would work great for that as well.


I keep you updated with information as I receive it.  You will see that my number is located below the rooster.  Feel free to call if you have questions, I will be here at work all day..


Take care of yourself and each other.



Allen J. Mynk

HOTEC Emmaus Board