Good morning everyone!  I hope this day finds you happy and healthy.  just wanted to update you on a couple of things before a message about a wonderful idea.


I recently received some pilgrim applications for the men’s walk.  They were post marked in early March.  So if you know of someone who has mailed in an application, it may still be slowly on its way.  With the latest apps we are now at 27 for the men’s walk 2020.  Praise the Lord.


I received a couple of applications to work the women’s walk in Sept.  I still need many more to be able to have a team selection.  So ladies, if you want to be in the conference room, please turn in an application as soon as possible.  You can scan them and send them in.  Don’t be concerned with the additional signatures (just your own), we can take care of that down the road.


We ask that you all keep praying for a return to the norm soon.  We are all looking forward to the walks we have scheduled but rest assured that we are working on contingencies should we need to adjust dates down the road.


Now, a word from our sponsor….


Hello friends,


I pray you are all doing well as we do our best to isolate ourselves from some of the madness in the world right now. I know how music can make us feel better and have been wondering if anybody would be interested in a virtual song night/ sing-along. The virtual Gathering seemed to go fairly well (with some issues we can fix next time), so I was wondering if we could try it again for a music night. I could put out a list of songs and take requests.


If you are interested, please let us know. If there is enough interest we will set it up.

You can email Mike at  or reply to this email and I will get it to him

De Colores,


Mike and Lorna Olsen



Allen J. Mynk

HOTEC Emmaus Board