Good morning Emmaus brothers and sisters!  Praise the Lord for the rain I see falling out of my office window.  No body sent me anything to post to all of you so I guess I am on my own.


This evening will be the north gathering at FUMC Burnet.  As usual, dinner is at 6 with a fine praise service at 7.  Don’t let the rain keep you in.


The conference room team had their second meeting this past Saturday.  I am sure it was a blessed affair.


Speaking of the upcoming walk (2020M),  I have not received any pilgrim applications lately.  Be praying for that guy you know you want to get on a walk.  If you have applications, let’s get them in.  I will send out the pilgrim/sponsor letters soon.


Y’all have a blessed day!

Allen J. Mynk

HOTEC Emmaus Board