Greetings to my dear brothers and sisters in Christ!  I pray that this day is marked by the love and peace of our Lord Jesus!

It’s been a while since I’ve communicated with you so I wanted to update you on community news.

  • WOMEN’S WALK 2022:

o   Preparations for Women’s Walk 2022 are progressing as planned. Paula’s team has held two training sessions and will hold two more in August.  We now have 22 pilgrims attending this walk!  We’d love to have a few more so get those applications in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


o   The servant team for the Women’s Walk 2022 also met once and will meet again on August 20 at FUMC in Marble Falls.  We’ve had a couple of people drop off the servant team so I’d love to have a few more people.  If you are interested in serving, PLEASE contact me (  or 830-265-1021).


o   WE NEED YOUR HELP:  We need some Reunion Groups to volunteer to serve a meal for these Team meetings:

  • August 6 – lunch at FUMC in Marble Falls
  • August 20 – breakfast at FUMC in Marble Falls
  • August 20 – lunch at FUMC in Marble Falls

Please let me know if you can volunteer to serve in this way.

  • BY-LAWS:

o   As mentioned earlier in the year, one of the Board’s goals for this year was to update our By-Laws to make them more realistic for a community of our size.  A committee of Board members led by Mike Olsen spent a great deal of time revising our by-laws to meet the needs of our particular community.  The committee did an excellent job of simplifying the by-laws and making them more practical for a community the size of ours.  Along with this letter, I am attaching a copy of the newly updated by-laws that have been approved by the Board for distribution to the community.  This is NOT a final document but something we wanted our community members to review before it is finalized.   I’m also attaching our current by-laws so that you can compare the two.  PLEASE take time to review these documents.   If you have questions or comments regarding the new by-laws, please send them to me (), and I will get them to the board for consideration.   At the August 1 board meeting, we will determine a time for community voting to take place.  Once that is scheduled, I will notify the community so that you can make plans to participate.

In closing, let me just say again what a blessing it is to serve this community!  I have watched our community slowly regain some of the participation that had diminished over the past months; and as a team, we are moving forward to serve our community with renewed spirit in a way that glorifies our God.  I look forward to continuing to serve with YOU!  Please feel free to contact me if I can be of service.


De Colores,

   JoAnn Dilworth, Community Lay Director

Heartland of Texas Emmaus Community