Good morning one and all, I pray everyone got through the storms ok.  I am enjoying the overcast weather personally.

I hope everyone is ready for this crazy wonderful weekend we have coming up.  Finishing touches are being made by lots of folks to kick off this first walk in a couple of years.  I checked this morning and noticed that there are 5 prayer vigil slots for Saturday night/ Sunday morning and 2 slots for Friday night/ Saturday morning.  I know there are some night owls and early risers that can get those slots filled.  We really need those slots filled to start the walk.  There is supposed to be prayer going on at all times.  I even saw someone signed up from Germany.  There are plenty of openings for agape and food agape as well.


It’s not too late to get a pilgrim signed up, but it needs to be today or tomorrow.  The toughest part of a last minute addition is the letters from family and friends. That’s where a good sponsor or knowing the pilgrims family well helps.


On Thursday, we will be setting up Eagle’s wings.  We should be praying in the trailer about noon if you would like to come out and join us.


***PLEASE COME TO CANDLELIGHT.***  A lot of people have gotten out of the routine of coming to gatherings, this is a great opportunity to get that rush again and remember what this will mean to those men taking their journey.

Unfortunately, I have to work in Austin all weekend and will not be able to work the walk or attend Candlelight.  So don’t be mad at me when I ask you all to attend and then I don’t show up.


Ladies, we still need applications for the Conference Room team for the Women’s walk.  The board would love to get team selection going soon.


Allen J. Mynk

HOTEC Emmaus Board