Good afternoon everyone.  I hope this day finds you healthy and happy.

The board had a great meeting last night with our new board members.  Lots of exciting stuff going on in the Emmaus community.

Next Monday is the north gathering at FUMC Burnet.  Dinner is at 6pm and worship is at 7.  If you have not gotten out of your COVID rut yet, come to the next gathering and you will remember how much you loved it and will start coming again.

Men’s Walk – March 24-27.   As of this afternoon we officially have 19 pilgrims and know of a few more that are being turned in.  But nobody wants the walk to just make, we all want a full walk of 36 pilgrims.  I know we can all make that happen.  Imagine how the rafters of Eagle’s Wings would shake if we had a full walk of guys singing, laughing, and loving God.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to the website and sign up for the prayer vigil and agape.  I heard there was not any food agape signed up for.  We recently had some website issues but I believe those got corrected.  We really need to get the hours of 6 pm thru 7 am signed up for the prayer vigil if nothing else.


Women’s Walk – Sept. 22- 25.  A couple of pilgrim apps have come in.  We tried to have team selection last night but we did not have enough applications for the conference room team.  Ladies, we need you to get applications in so we can get started.  You can email them to me,  bring them to a gathering, or send them in the mail. Email is certainly the quickest way to get it turned in.


Thank you,

Allen J. Mynk

HOTEC Emmaus Board