Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope this letter finds you well, filled with the love of Christ, and eager to serve our Lord.  It’s said in many ways that God works in ways we don’t always understand.  It is my sincere belief that this is indeed true for my wife, Dawn, and I.  You see, He has called us to a new opportunity in Franklin, TN.  My wife was recruited for and has accepted a wonderful position to help build ambulatory surgical centers.  This opportunity came to us in a very unexpected and expeditious manner.  From the original contact to our move will be 6 weeks.

Accordingly, I have submitted a letter of resignation as Community Lay Director effective October 1st to the Board.  Our bylaws outline that the Assistant Community Lay Director will succeed me.  I am pleased to tell you that JoAnn Dilworth will assume responsibilities as Community Lay Director upon my departure.  Please give her and the Board your dedicated support as the Community prepares for Walk 2020 scheduled for March 2022.

Our battle with Covid 19 has made it difficult to gather together.  Nevertheless, we must continue to plan for the Walk.  The Board and the Walk Conference Team are planning as required to make the Walk.  The Community can be supportive by going out and inviting pilgrims and of course by volunteering to work on the Walk Support Team.  I encourage all of you to be fishers of men and fill this Walk.

Do not despair.  Our God has control of all that is happening.  Our call is to care for one another and our fellow man.  Our service to God remains our greatest commandment.  Trust in Him.  Remain vigilant in his service, reach out to those who need help, a kind word, or a favor.  His greatest commandments call on us to Love Him and to Love One Another.  He is with us, ALWAYS!

Whatsoever you do for the least of these, you do for me.  Matthew 25:40

De Colores

Tom Ruiz