Greetings Brothers and Sisters:


Over the last several days I have received numerous letters and messages pertaining to the threat of Covid-19 virus.  All across our region, our towns, our state and our nation, more and more decisions and recommended actions resulting in restrictions on assemblies are being enacted.  As you are probably aware, the Governor of the State of Texas and the Mayor of Austin, have directed the closure of eating and drinking establishments, the closing of schools, and the restriction of movement of groups greater than ten persons.  Said restrictions are forecast to continue even into May. Eagle Wings Retreat Center has informed me that they will be closed for business for the next four weeks.  That means they would possibly reopen a mere 10 days before our schedule Walk. Many of the pilgrims and team members participating in the Walk 2020M are of the age groups considered to be the most vulnerable to this disease/virus.


As the threat of Covid-19 increases, these are necessary steps for a prudent leader to impose and to follow.  To that end, I have sought and received approval of the Board of Directors of the Heartland of Texas Emmaus Community to postpone Walk 2020M.  We have secured the Eagle Wings Retreat Center for the period June 25-28, 2020.  Therefore, we will postpone the Walk until that time frame.  By postponing the Walk now, we give everyone concerned and/or involved with the Walk, ample time to make or change plans to participate and schedule their calendars to accommodate the change.  This change of dates will likewise enable the teams to conduct their final meetings and preparations.


This decision is not a unilateral one.  I have received the near unanimous approval of the Board members to take this action.  I know this will be received by some with a heavy heart but it is the right thing to do for everyone involved.  Remember, our God is an awesome God.  He has this problem in His powerful hands.  Pray for His mercy and guidance as we go forward.


As ever, I remain one in Christ with all of you.


De Colores



Tom Ruiz

Community Lay Director

Heartland of Texas Emmaus Community