As of yesterday there are 20 pilgrims, and the walk has made. The final (team meeting #4 ) will be at FUMC Burnet on Saturday 2/28/15. I think that we (the servant) will fix lunch for the conference room team. I need everyone to know that this meeting does not need to be attended by the entire servant team. If you work you do not need to take off work to attend.
If you are free on Saturday 2/28/15 & would like to come. It will be great! I will bring our gas grill and fix hamburgers. I will get the meat & with some help from the group we will fix lunch. We will need chips ,vegies for the burgers, some desserts . There will be a basket out for donations to cover part of the cost . We will need to meet about 10:30 to start lunch. Please respond if you will be able to come so we know how many burgers to fix.


Sandy & Troy