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2023 Community News – Women’s Walk – Oct 26-29

2023 Community News – Women’s Walk – Oct 26-29

Good evening, brothers and sisters in Christ.  Here is some IMPORTANT information regarding the Women’s Walk and other Emmaus events for this month:

We have a FULL walk – Praise God!   As of earlier today, we still have the following NEEDS:

  • We have two items on the Agape list not selected.  Please look at that and prayerfully consider if those are things you might be able to provide.
  • We also need FOOD AGAPE sign-ups – It’s really important that you sign up for what you plan to bring.  Otherwise, the workers may notice gaps in the food supply and purchase those things then have the same items dropped by unexpectedly.  We don’t want to be wasting HOTEC funds or yours, so it helps if you sign up in advance.  ALSO, please remember that our food room does not have the facilities to wash food items.  Even chopping is a bit difficult in so little space.  If you plan to bring things like fruits or veggies, please have those items pre-washed and cut up and bagged so they are ready to serve.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, remember that our walk MUST be covered in prayer from beginning to end of the weekend.  As of earlier today, we have 27 spots still open on the Prayer Vigil.  PLEASE get those spots filled in ASAP.  Get the word out to your small groups and Sunday School classes, as well.  EVERY SPOT MUST BE FILLED in order for our Walk to move forward.  I have confidence that our community will come through in this regard — Thank you in advance for your help!


  • Candlelight music begins at 7:30 PM on Saturday, October 28 at Burnet Methodist Church.
  • The community service begins promptly at 8:00 PM.
  • Remember that Candlelight is for those who have participated in an Emmaus-type event previously.
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Burnet Methodist Church also has a Trunk or Treat event scheduled for that same evening.  That is expected to be ending about the time ours is starting; however, we anticipate a bit of a parking issue.  It would be helpful to have people car-pool to reduce numbers of vehicles.  The Disciples of Christ (First Christian Church) at the corner of Graves and Vandeveer has graciously offered their parking lot.  There are also parallel parking places along Vandeveer Street right beside the church.  We will have attendants monitoring both entrances to the church lot and directing traffic to the right area for each event.  Please be patient, and I am sure that things will work out beautifully for both events!  Above all, please don’t let the unexpected conflict prevent you from attending this very special event. 

CLOSING:  This is the time to invite the pilgrims’ family members whether they’ve attended an Emmaus event or not.  Closing is expected to start about 3:30 PM on Sunday, October 29 at Eagle’s Wings Retreat Center, but I suggest that you arrive a bit earlier.


GATHERING:  The community Gathering for October to welcome the Baby Chicks will be on MONDAY, OCTOBER 30 at MARBLE FALLS Methodist Church.  As always, potluck dinner will be at 6:00 PM with Baby Chicks as our guest, followed by the service at 7:00 PM.  This is always one of my favorite gatherings!  I hope to see a big crowd there!




2023 Community News and Men’s and Women’s Walk Scheduled

2023 Community News and Men’s and Women’s Walk Scheduled

Dear Emmaus Brothers and Sisters,

Happy New Year, and I hope this finds you well!

I wanted to give you some updates on Emmaus community news and some changes we’ve made.  I’ve marked some of the key points for you in capital letters and bold print.

  1. I am including a calendar of 2023 Emmaus events (See Events Calendar) for your use.  Please print yourself a copy so you can refer to it for “coming attractions.”
  • Our NEXT GATHERING is on January 23 at Burnet FUMC.  The meal will be in the Family Life Building at 6 p.m., with service in the sanctuary at 7 p.m.
  • Please NOTE that we are moving to a SINGLE community gathering each month for this year.  Many of our gatherings this past year have been well attended, but others have not.  We are hopeful that moving to ONE meeting per month will allow people to plan ahead to attend.  We will continue to vary the location between Burnet and Marble Falls, with Liberty Hill and Bee Creek in Spicewood also taking a turn.
  • We will also get back to asking for REUNION GROUPS to volunteer to set up and clean up at each gathering so that responsibility can be shared.  Kim Russell and Mary Gonzalez will serve as the Gathering Coordinators this year so please be ready to jump in and help them.
  1. The Board met last night for the first time since the approval of the new community by-laws.  The Board Chair for 2023 will be Bob Munsey.  Bob will do an amazing job in that position and will continue the momentum our community has begun to build.  He will also continue to have the support of a hard-working and dedicated Board.
  2. The Men’s Walk 2023 is scheduled for April 20-23 with Russell Cochran serving as Lay Director.  The conference room team is set and will be meeting for the first time this Saturday, January 14.  They also have team meetings set for:
  • February 11 – breakfast and lunch provided by Sisters By Grace Reunion Group.
  • March 11 – Need groups to do breakfast, lunch
  • April 1 – Need groups to do breakfast, lunch 


Please let Russell know if you’d like to help with one or more of the meals.

**Please get your pilgrim applications for the Men’s Walk turned in as soon as possible – either to Russell or JoAnn Dilworth or mailed to the address shown on the application.  Please be sure applications are fully filled out and signed and are accompanied by payment.

**If you are interested in serving on the Servant Team, please get your           application to JoAnn as soon as possible.   Even if you’ve served on a team previously, we are asking for updated applications so please get those submitted. 

Most importantly, please be in prayer for the Men’s Walk 2023 to touch lives.

  1. The Women’s Walk 2023 is scheduled for October 26-29, 2023.  The newly selected Lay Director for Women’s Walk 2023 will be Gay Cochran.  Even though our focus now is on the Men’s Walk, it’s never too early to be praying about serving on one of the teams or sponsoring a pilgrim for the walk.


This will be my final communication as your Community Lay Director, so I just want to tell you again what a blessed experience this has been.  I appreciate this community so much!  The qualities of faith, service and love are never more obvious than when we are preparing for a Walk – so much work and SO MUCH JOY!  Thank you for your spirit and your servants’ hearts and for allowing me to serve beside you!


De Colores,

JoAnn Dilworth, Outgoing Community Lay Director

Heartland of Texas Emmaus Community

Men’s and Women’s Walk Scheduled

Men’s and Women’s Walk Scheduled

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope this letter finds you well, filled with faith and anxious to serve the Lord.  As we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been working to develop a plan to bring the Community back together in a manner that complies with CDC Guidelines and renews our spiritual enthusiasm.  Over the last few months, I have sought and obtained input from a number of individuals, a few ad hoc committees and of course, our Board of Directors.  On Monday of this week, I met with the Board to seek approval of this plan, set a schedule of Gatherings and consider postponement of Walks 2020 (Men) and 2021 (Women).  I am pleased to report the results of our meeting and a plan for the Community going forward.

First, we agreed that we must resume our Gatherings in order to rekindle our Community spirit (see the schedule below), resume 4th Day group meetings, develop Walk teams and identify pilgrims.  Second, we agreed to postpone the Walks until Mar 24-27, 2022 (Men) and Sep 22-25, 2022 (Women).  The change in dates will give us ample time to identify teams, assemble Agape, and ensure we are prepared logistically.

Here’s the schedule of Gatherings.

June 28 Burnet FUMC    
July     26 Marble Falls FUMC
August 9 Burnet FUMC 23 Marble Falls FUMC
September 13 TBD 27 Marble Falls FUMC
October 11 Burnet FUMC 25 Marble Falls FUMC
November 8 Burnet FUMC    
December     6 Joint Gathering at Marble Falls FUMC


Our service to God remains our greatest commandment.  Trust in Him.  He has control of all that is happening.  Remain vigilant in his service, reach out to those who need help, a kind word, or a favor.  His greatest commandments call on us to Love Him and to Love One Another.  He is with us, ALWAYS!

De Colores

Tom Ruiz

Community Lay Director

Heartland of Texas Emmaus Community

Community Update – August 4, 2023

Community Update – August 4, 2023

Greetings to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  I hope this finds you well. Here are the coming events for the month of August: August 7 - Board Meeting at Burnet FUMC at 7 p.m. August 26 - Women's Team Meeting for Conference Team Members AND NEW Servant Team Members...

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Community Update – July 9, 2023

Community Update – July 9, 2023

Greetings to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  What a glorious Sunday God has given us today!   Here are your July updates and coming attractions: July 10 - Board Meeting     7 p.m. at Burnet FUMC July 24 - July Gathering at Cross Tracks in Liberty Hill - 6...

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