Good morning everyone, I hope today finds you happy and healthy.

I got on the prayer vigil sign up this morning and found that only 3 slots of 144 have been filled.  According to the Upperroom, Prayer has to be constantly going on during the 72 hrs. of the walk.  Luckily for us, we have a prayer team that is praying during the day so if we can get everyone to go and sign up for the slots from 7 pm thru 7 am we should be good.  Please fill free to sign up for times throughout the day as well but we NEED those times during the night filled for sure.

There is a link to the website below or you can copy and paste what is directly below and it should take you to the prayer vigil page.  Please contact everyone in your 4th day groups (even if you are not meeting) and get them to sign up as well.  We are supposed to have 100% prayer coverage before the walk can start.