Prayer Vigil


Prayer is such a strong part of the Emmaus experience both for the Pilgrims and the ones
praying. With that in mind, I extend the invitation for you to participate in Prayer Vigils
assigned to our Community. If you are asked to sign up for a time on an upcoming walk, please
give it some thought and try to participate in prayer vigils.
It may be helpful to follow these:
• Only sign up for a time when you can devote the entire 30 minutes to prayer.
• Find a quiet place free from interruption.
• Before you begin, pray for forgiveness and ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit.
• Picture the Walk as you pray.
• If you have a conflict, call some to take your time.
• After you pray, ask God to remind the next person on the Prayer Vigil to pray and ask for
His presence to be with that person.
• Feel free to say no if you are asked to pray during a time that is difficult for you; another
opportunity will come.
(Taken from the Llano Emmaus Community Newsletter)

Sign Up for the Women’s Walk 2024w Prayer Vigil:

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More Information on How To Pray the Prayer Vigil