Groups are in order by the zip code for the area in which they meet.

Day Time Zip Group Name Gender Status Contact
Wed 5:00pm 76550 Lord's Loving Ladies of Lampasas women open Linda Nelson, 512-556-5513
Wed 7:00am 76550 Spirit Warriors men open Matt Karcher 512-734-0052
Tue 78605 Silver Spoons women open Mary Gurno, 512-755-3471
Tue 9:30am 78609 Laughing Sisters women open Deb Gerow, 512-809-6066
Thu 1:00pm 78611 McDonald Sisters women open Susan Ellett, 830-613-6376
Sat 8:00am 78611 Tiger Tails men open Troy Ellett, 830-613-6377
Mon 2:30pm 78631 Women Of The Walk women closed Mary Otte, 325-423-5444
Web noon 78639 beYOUtiful Babes women open Shirley Theisen 804-901-4522
Thu 9:30am 78639 Riverside Reunion women open Kathryn Ruppenthal, 325-388-0934
Thu 5:30pm 78639 Thursday Storm men open Paul Ruppenthal, 325-388-0934
Sandy Brooks 512-771-1470"
Thu 7:30am 78642 The Watchmen men open Gary Bible, 512-548-6194
Mon 9:00am 78645 Rooster and Hens women open Becky Cantwen, 512-717-1263
Mon noon 78654 Noon Day Son women open Jean LeVitt, 830-798-5091
Tue noon 78654 Los Hermanos Pescadores men open Greg Mills, 830-693-7879
Tue 3:30pm 78654 Sunshine Gals women closed Janette Pickard, 830-693-9815
Tue 5:30pm 78654 Mom's of Mercy women open Brandie Melton, 830-613-7461
Wed 3:00pm 78654 Bald Eagles men open Russell Cochran, 830-613-1745
Wed 3:00pm 78654 Agape Chicks women open Lavon Webb, 512-755-3786
Wed 5:30pm 78654 Belles and Babes women open Penny Mills, 515-755-5742
Wed 5:30pm 78654 Sisters in Christ women open Kim Russell, 325-423-0919
Fri 7:00am 78654 Bluebonnet Boys of St. Paul men closed Mike McKeown, 512-497-4394
?? ?? 78669 Spicegirls women open Catherine Gourley, 512-264-2337
1st/3rd Tue 9:00am 78669 F.R.O.G. women Inactive Judy Wisdom, 512-497-9901
Wed 7:40am 78669 Bee Creek Emmaus Brothers men open Richard Wendrock, 512-432-5455
Wed 6:30pm 78669 Circle of Grace men open Dave Londa, 512-992-8584
Thu 9:30am 78669 Bee-lievers women closed Linda Wentz, 512-470-2931
Last Fri 8:00am 78669 Honey Bees women open Jean Walker, 512-940-6578
Fri 8:15am 78669 Moving Targets men open Chuck Wentz, 512-264-8748

Status: Open to new members or Closed to new members

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