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Heartland of Texas Emmaus Community Bylaws

Heartland of Texas Emmaus Community Board of Directors

Position Name Term Expires
Lay Director Sandy Brooks 2017
Assistant Lay Director Angie Martinez 2018
Secretary Gary Bible 2018
Treasurer Susan Nevills 2019
Spiritual Director Roberta Goodman
Assistant Spiritual Director Jon Weems
Upper Room Representative Mary Gurno 2017
Walk Support Janice Hinojosa 2019
Site Support and Selection Grayson Jaynes 2018
Member Services and Communications Brandie Melton 2018
Gathering Support – North David Hinojosa 2019
Gathering Support – South Matt Schuessler 2017
Website Management Matt Karcher 2019
Training and Compliance Vicky McCown 2017
Registrar Paul Ruppenthal
Reunion Groups Karen Bizzak 2019
Music Director – North Mike Olsen
Music Director – South Mike McKeown


Church Gathering Coordinators

Church Coordinator
FUMC Bertram Pete Nodecker
FUMC Burnet Troy and Susan Ellett
Leander UMC Janice and David Hinojosa
Cross Tracks Church – Liberty Hill UMC Wanda Lack
The gathering coordinators are responsible for :
 a. Securing the space for the church.
 b. Setting up the elements for communion.
 c. Setting up child care service.
 d. Making sure the food area is ready to go by 5:45. (tables, tea, water, plates, napkins, forks/spoons/knives, serving spoons, etc).
 e. Make sure we have a 4th day speaker for the gathering.
 f. Have the worship space ready and open for the band by 5:00.
 g. Containers to take up the offering. Susan Ellett will take the money and make the deposit.