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This Heartland of Texas Emmaus Community website is designed to be friendly, intuitive, and help you find information fast. In addition to providing Site Search to display references to the information important to you, the home page is designed like a dashboard. It is the one place you can go to find out if the Latest News and imminent, information has been posted since your last visit. The News section has all of the news in reverse chronological order. is our domain name, but you may also use to visit this website.

If you signed up for a Prayer Vigil and need a reminder of the date and time, you can visit the Prayer Vigil page. You may also sign-up for a prayer vigil by sending an email to our Prayer Vigil Coordinator and ask which times are available.

For questions about Agape, contact our Agape Coordinator

For general information contact us by filling out the Contact form or send email.

In the Events page, you will find a list of upcoming Emmaus Gatherings.

In the Events Menu you will find a list of locations where Emmaus Gatherings or Emmaus Walks are held.

Information about Sponsoring a Pilgrim can be found in the Emmaus Sponsorship page,

Please send an email to the web servant if you have questions or suggestions.


Some of the documents in our website can be long and difficult to remember. These user friendly links will take you to those same documents and they are easier to remember.

Pilgrim Application:

If you want to attend our Walk to Emmaus, print this application and ask someone to help you find a sponsor. Please SEND EMAIL to us if you don’t know someone who has attended a walk.

Pilgrim Application:
Pilgrim Application:

Sign up for the Prayer Vigil:

Use this link if you want to pray for those attending the Walk to Emmaus.

Prayer Vigil:
Prayer Vigil:

Praying the Prayer Vigil:

Use this link if you want ideas for how to pray during the Prayer Vigil.

Praying Prayer Vigil:
Praying Prayer Vigil:

Lay Team Service Form:

Anyone wanting to work the Walk to Emmaus should submit this form.

Schedule of Future Walks:

Walk History:

This is a list of every walk our community has sponsored


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