Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope this letter finds you well.  A few weeks ago, I wrote to let you know that we cannot safely conduct a Walk with the inherent requirement of bunking in the same dormitory for three days and nights.  To that end, I convened the Board of Directors to discuss the need to postpone the Men’s and Women’s Walks.  The Board agreed by a vote of 8-0 to postpone the Men’s Walk until September 16-19, 2021 and to postpone the Women’s Walk 2021 until October 21-24, 2021

I am writing today to inform you of a slight change in the scheduled dates for the Women’s Walk.  We have been asked by our good friends at Eagle’s Wings, if we would change the date of our Women’s Walk 2021 by moving it forward by one week from October 21-24 to October 14-17.  It seems that we were being given the 21-24 date based on the preference on one of the retreat center’s customers who had reserved those two weekends. Once they made their choice of October 14-17, we were offered the weekend of October 21-24.  That said their other customer has encountered a serious conflict and has asked if we can switch weekends with them.

The good people of Eagle’s Wings have been working extremely well with us as we continue to postpone our Walk.  Likewise, they have been gracious in helping us to set our annual calendar for several years past and future.  Making this slight change in our schedule to hold the Women’s Walk 2021 on October 14-17 is of great benefit to all parties, the other group, the Eagle’s Wings Retreat Center and our own Community.  In support of the request, I polled the Board for their approval to change the dates.  The measure carried by a vote of 8-0.


Our service to God remains our greatest commandment.  Exercising flexibility is a great way to serve our Lord.  It also benefits everyone concerned.

May the peace and love of our Lord be with you all during the days to come.  As ever, I remain your humble servant.

De Colores,


Tom Ruiz

Community Lay Director

Heartland of Texas Emmaus Community